- Anyone who is interested in photography and travel

Reminisce on your favorite Korea moments

Memorable moments of everyday life you experienced during your travels in Korea

※ There is no restriction on when the photo was taken, but you must have the original file to be eligible for an award. your submission will be excluded from selection if the original file is not submitted

※ Photos taken inside Incheon Airport are not allowed


Total of 30 winners, 30 USD per person.

※ gift cards that can be used in your respective countries will be awarded to international winners.

Application Period

- 2022. 7. 5. (Tue) ~ 7. 29. (Fri) 17:00(GMT+9)


- A maximum of 3 works per person are allowed to be submitted.

※ Only one work can be awarded per person.

- Size: submit as a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF / Recommended: JPG or JPEG(within 30MB per work, resolution of 1200x1600 or higher recommended)

- Film photos must be scanned and submitted as a file

- Submission of original photo files without correction (photoshop, compositing, etc.)

※ Simple color corrections such as contrast, brightness, and black-and-white conversion are possible, but if the original subjects are altered, such as photo distortion or compositing, it may be excluded from the evaluation.

How to Submit

- Please submit the original image through the homepage :

※ submit the original photo with Title of work, filming location (country, city, etc.), filming intention and travel story(about 100 characters)

Award Criteria

- Adherence to contest theme, creativity, overall artistic expression


- The copyright of submitted works belongs to the applicants(creators) even after winning an award in the competition.

- A maximum of 3 works per person are allowed to be submitted.

* However, Only one work can be awarded per person.

- In the case of aerial shooting (drone), it must be approved by relative departments and comply with aviation safety law and other relevant regulations. The participant must obtain all legal procedures for aerial shooting. Any products that do not comply with the above conditions may be excluded from the competition. (Awards may be cancelled afterwards)

- The works that does not meet the regulations or the specifications of the contest will be excluded from the list of awards.

- The submitted photographs must be an original work, which has never been submitted to any other competitions, events, and products domestically and internationally. The works suspected of plagiarism, theft, or copied ones will be excluded from the contest.

- You can only submit your own original works. Submitting the work of others will be grounds for disqualification and the submission will be excluded from the contest.

- The applicants are fully responsible for any legal disputes relevant to copyrights of award-winning works.

- While the rights of submitted works belong to the applicants in principle, the rights of an award-winning photograph can be transferred to the Incheon Airport through a legal transfer agreement.

- Incheon Airport can change all or part of the award-winning photograph and may freely use it for marketing purposes.

- Award-winning photographs may be used for calendars, promotional materials, exhibitions, social media, and internet services by the Incheon Airport on a non-profit basis. Incheon Airport reserves the rights to use them for such purposes and any applicant who does not agree with the terms and conditions of legal transfer agreement will be excluded from the contest.

- Incheon Airport only have rights for the submitted works which are selected for an award.

- All the amendment and additional information regarding the completion will be notified on the home page.


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